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Yea... Um.... IT would be nice if the Game actually WORKED. i suggest doing that before anything else. make sure the dumb game works.

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can you please add a continue because it sucks when you get trapped in a room because of a stupid glitch and you have restart the game and next thing you know, there isnt a continue. i cant even look at the game now cuz it took me FOREVER TO FIND THE FIRST DUNGEON! i also just found the BOMB BAG and then got trapped in a stupid room with buttons. i was in that room before but the buttons were not activated and after i activated them and came back later the doors were closed and the buttons were still activated from last time. and if the door inside this room were opened by killing monsters, i also killed all the monsters in the room. it pisses me off knowing there isnt a continue option and that my progress is all gone. please fix the room glitch and please add a continue.

couldnt train blacksmithing nor alchemy nearby the starter town

I haven't started playing this, but seeing all the feedback between creator and player, is just amazing.  This gives me high hopes for this game's future!

Hi this game is best. I have question will be here multiplayer ??

Hey thanks! Right now it's only Single Player

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Some bugs and stuff that i encounter annoying

1.  Sword/Pickaxe graphical glitch (when you move it does a weird thing)

2. Animation bug of the pickaxe: it randomly floats around the scran

3. The meteor ability does no damage

4. You have to be very close to the enemy to damage it, too close

5. No sound effect for the consumables (wich leads to consuming more thinking that you are no using them)(You can found sound FXs in the asset store)

6. Save/Load bug: I saved the game and after that i was not able to close the menu, i tried to fix the isue by loading, the game didn't load and the screen was stuck at the pause menu, trying to exit by pressing "esc" takes you back to the save menu and back to the normal menu in a loop.

7.  Jump height too high

8. No crouch (also if you press controll the PJ attacks)

9. No UI of Health, Mana And Stamina inside the inventory wich difficults the use of consumables

10. Theres like 2 seconds of delay between the animation of attack and the hit

11. No sounds when being attacked wich leads to not knowing that you are being attacked

12. No special effect on screen to let you know that you are being attacked

13. Game dosn't pause

14. When i mine a log sometimes does not give me loot

15. No map (im lost in the woods)

16. Fireball is op, every other magic is useless (seriously you can just one shot everything)

17. Can not equip armor (seems like i was low LVL should be marked red instead of yellow,)

18. Enemy forgets that i exist too fast

19. I can win a race against flash with my speed (high running speed)

20. Sound slider option does not work with magic sound fx

21. No UI of XP

22. Not clear where the skill points remaining are, they should be marked with a diferent colour

23. Theres no dungeon boss, or maybe i didint foun it (i was going to oneshot him with a fireball anyways lol)

Thas all guys gg.

The game have potential, it is still very green but with time will be a great game, keep up the good work.

Confirm all of these. 

Thanks for the Feedback ! We will be fixing most of the bugs you mentioned in the next update.

Just started playing and I can't seem to sell or get rid of old equipment from my inventory. I had the same problem in the last build is there a fix for this?

Hey Kevin, we made an error and uploaded the wrong build. Please download the new build and let us know if you run into the same problem. 


- Brainstew